Dealing with air tickets, various tourist commodities (such as package tours), e-coupons, and various insurance settlement


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Catering to the ANTA members, our company deals with most travel commodities, including package tours both at home and abroad, unit commodities, air tickets, etc., provides business support and other services, and conducts travel-related businesses that are helpful for all the ANTA members.

In addition, our company also carries out sales of goods, products that are helpful for the ANTA members, and local specialties that have invigorated circulation of the national distribution network.

Domestic travel business and commodities

JAL-Related Commodities
Booking and issuing of individual tickets and group tickets (IT5)(all routes)
Formulating and arrangements of unit quotations
Booking and issuing of OEM commodities and domestic commodities
(various travels such as package travel, JAL STAGE, free travel, solo travel, etc. )
Package accommodation coupon issuing surrogating
Booking of tourist bus
Booking of Hato bus
Booking of tickets
Booking of tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort , to "ZED" Concert in Cirque du Soleil, and to Grand Sumo Tournament (in Ryogoku Kokugikan)Coupon issuing reservation surrogating
ZENRYO coupon booking and issuing surrogating (TDR・USJ coupons, accommodation, transportation, tickets)
Formulating and marketing of package commodities of our company

Overseas travel business and commodities

  • Planning Commodities of JAL PAK(I'LL,AVA, etc..)
  • Formulating and arrangements of units quotation
  • Booking of overseas air tickets
  • Planning and conducting of business travel
  • Formulating and marketing of package commodities of our company

※For travel details, please contact us.

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旅行商品 great travel of commodities
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