Dealing with air tickets, various tourist commodities (such as package tours), e-coupons, and various insurance settlement


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All travel agencies and receiving institutions,If you are looking for a coupon that is of great credit and can be securely dealt with,our coupon,100% full–payout guarantee, will be your first choice! Please utilize our ZENRYO coupon!

Since the establishment of ZENRYO. Coupon System over 30 years ago, in our surefooted work we have won trust and achievements. In order to make All Travel Coupon available both to receiving members as a coupon that can be traded with trust, and to sending members as a kind of coupon with higher added value, we have been vigorously carrying out various businesses and institutional reforms.

Also, since July,1998, we have implemented 100% guarantee, won dramatically increasing trust from receiving institutions and have made our coupons get trust equal to coupons of major travel agencies. Therefore, large theme parks(such asTDR • USJ, etc.), public facilities (such as public housing), and various local events (such as the International Exposition), which are usually difficult to make a contract with, can now be covered with ZENRYO Coupon.

Furthermore, ZENRYO Co., Ltd. Coupons System has become an actuarial system for coupon issuance since the significant system revision conducted in November, 2004. For members both from the receiving party and the sending party, more reliable financial planning and business operations become possible (available to members both from the receiving party and the sending party).

In future, our company will unite as one to further improve the coupon system, better serve both the receiving party and the sending party, and widely contribute to the travel circles. Please stay tuned to ZENRYO Coupon System.

Merits of our member sending agents

We can send tourists to about 5,700 franchisees all over the country.
Backed by the reliability that we can carry out sound actuarial calculation on the stipulated date, now we can issue coupons for about 5,700 franchisees all over the country.
Our coupons are electronic coupons issued by ANTA-NET
Our coupons are electronic coupons issued by ANTA-NET that is managed and operated by the Headquarter of National Association of Travel. Therefore beautiful coupons can be issued without special equipment if a computer and a printer and the Internet are connected.
The actuarial is performed only once a month!
Because we compile the data on coupon issuance in our company and set package requests, we can reduce the workload upon receiving institutions, lower charge for remittances, and cut expenditure.
We can carry on booking and issuing of tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) and Universal
Studios Japan(USJ).
Our ZENRYO coupon is directly connected to the systems of TDR and USJ , therefore it can deal with the booking and issuing of their tickets.

Merits of our member receiving agents

It is a reliable 100% full-payout guarantee.
According to the revision of Travel Agency Law on April, 2005, and by means of Travel Agency Law, the repayment system has become consumer-limited. However, ZENRYO Coupon is a reliable 100% full-payout guarantee; therefore payment will be done on stipulated dates.
About 1,500 member agents utilize our coupons.
About 1,500 member agents (members of the ANTA) all over the country utilize 29 million copies worth 214 billion yen in one year. Join us and you will have more customers.
It is an easy automatic settlement by means of coupon issuance actuarial.
ZENRYO Coupon System is an actuarial system for issuing coupons. Because the data on coupons issued by travel agent members automatically turn into payment, dealing with request can be depleted, workload can be reduced, and expenditure be cut. And there is no need to dispatch the coupons.

※Please contact us for details about enrollment.

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